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KIRINS: The Seer of Serone named a FINALIST for the 2021 OZMA Book Awards for Fantasy Fiction, a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards!

The KIRINS fantasy series by James Priest

“James Priest’s charming fantasy novel Kirins: The Seer of Serone depicts a resilient magical race grappling with the unforgiving world of humans. . . . [It] is a whimsical fantasy novel about the power of friendship and tradition, uniting humans and fantastical creatures in their quests and pursuit of happiness and wisdom.”

— Foreword Book Reviews (Four Stars)

KIRINS is a fantasy series in the classic tradition, with a twist: It is set in today’s world.

The KIRINS series recounts the detailed fantasy world, epic adventures, and struggle for survival of race of small, magical beings that live all around us. Yet for thousands of years we have been unaware of their existence.

The Kirins series consists of four novels—a trilogy plus a sequel to the trilogy. The Seer of Serone, which is the sequel to the trilogy and the latest addition to the KIRINS series, may also be read as a standalone novel containing an entirely new KIRINS adventure.

“A magical story! The world of the Kirins . . . is portrayed extremely realistically. The story is packed with adventure and full of mystery, magic and fantasy, with characters so well written it becomes hard to think about anything else for weeks.”

Iméne (Five-star Goodreads review)

“A beautiful read! This book is full of magic and messages. The plot has adventure, mystery, magic, fantasy, and it was written to make sure you turn pages without noticing time (I started at 5pm and when reach the the last page it was almost 1am).”

Maryline Morais (Five-star Goodreads review)

“Spectacular Tolkien-like fantasy! I really loved the way this story had a moral and a redemption-arc of sorts. It was so refreshing to watch this journey be one not only of action but also of learning. I enjoyed watching the characters grow and learn about not just other species but also about themselves and their hearts. If you like older classic fantasy, you will not want to miss out on this book!”

Haley B (Four-star Amazon Review)

“Priest’s work resembles Lord of the Rings, but is more rooted in nature and gentler in tone.”

Mary Logue, award-winning writer and poet

The Seer of Serone, Book Four of the KIRINS series, officially launches in print on January 18, 2022

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